Thank you for all of your assistance and patience in helping my family and I find our home.  I greatly appreciate your support in keeping me focused while not limiting my options.  Working with a realtor who also knew my mortgage needs was a fantastic experience.  Due to my rigid work schedule and family demands, time management was a struggle but being able to coordinate all my needs through one person made the process so much easier and less stressful.  Your experience and efficiency was greatly appreciated.  Thanks Deb.


Deborah was an absolute delight  to work with and was extremely instrumental in helping me achieve one of my lifelong dreams to finally own my own home. One of the differences that made Deb such an amazing partner in this endeavour, was the fact that not only could she assist in finding exactly the style of home I was looking for but she was also instrumental in my mortgage process which made the house shopping a whole lot easier as anytime I had questions about the financial aspects of home buying she was right there to quickly and expertly answer my question. The entire process was much more streamlined and a whole lot simpler due to the fact that your Realtor is also an expert on the financial side of your purchase!
I would highly recommend Deb to any person interested in the process of buying a home or even discussing mortgage options as she truly cares for her client and really makes the entire process stress free and enjoyable!

We first met Deb while trying to finance our first home. She went above and beyond, working late into the night to make it happen. She got us approved faster and with less hassle than another mortgage broker we were working with. We decided to reach out to her again when we were looking for a second home and, to our surprise, she had become a licensed Realtor. She proved to be a one-stop shop, balancing both our real estate and mortgage needs with ease. She thought outside the box, gave us confidence in the process and made it happen. She helped us through the “mortgage plus improvements” option so we could afford big renovations and achieve big changes as soon as we received possession of our second home.

We couldn’t have asked for a better real estate agent, mortgage broker and now friend. She is able to do it all, which saves a lot of stress during the home buying experience. She really is the one to go to for all your real estate and mortgage needs!

Jon & Jillian

I whole-heartedly recommend Deb for you mortgage needs. She not only found

us a great home for our son at a great price, we also got a great rate despite him

being a new young buyer.  We ran into several roadblocks along the way which

she was able to guide us through. We had the banks insurance fall through,

worked through the pitfalls of bidding on a foreclosure and finding a bank that

would work with a first time buyer. She took all our info and gave us insight into

several options, was able to find ways around all the problems that arose, kept a

positive attitude and was a professional the whole way. She has a wealth of

information, is always up to date and presents options in a friendly, positive way.

We want to give her a BIG thank-you and look forward to the next purchase.

Shawn, Sabina and Nathan

Dear Deb

We thank you for your expertise, professionalism, knowledge and just being a trooper throughout all of our “stuff”  You did real good!!


John & Margot

Thank you again Deb for all your hard work and for believing in us.  You are truly a wonderful and caring person, as well as an excellent realtor and mortgage broker

Mike & Carol

Deborah has always done our mortgage financing for us in the past. We contacted her recently as we were planning on finding a new home, and discovered to our delight that she is now both a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Agent!

She sold our home in 3 weeks, helped us find a new home, and took care of all of our financing. It was wonderful to deal with someone who is knowledgeable about all things Real Estate and could handle every aspect of the Real Estate transaction and mortgage financing.

Chris & Meghan

My husband and I had come to the point where we were ready to purchase our first home together.  We initially started with a different firm to handle our mortgage needs.  We were very frustrated with the service we were provided because we were told that we had to pay for CMHC fees even with 20% down and because the mortgage specialist messed up our housing contract we were going to loose 50% of our first time home owner’s grant as well.

When we were at our wits end we called and talked to Deborah Fehr and she took the time to explain all of our questions in terms we understood.  We decided to get her to handle our mortgage and she went above and beyond our expectations of service.  Deborah Fehr worked with our lawyer to help fix the court document mess (we purchased a court ordered sale home).  She reduced our costs by 5 grand and got us a much better rate than we initially had.  Deborah was always available to help educate us on the process and to our surprise even would contact us on evenings and weekends.

My husband and I have told our friends about Deborah, as we would only want the best for those we care about.  We feel so lucky that we were brave enough to change brokers in the middle of our purchase; and to get a star like Deborah Fehr to help us was beyond our expectations.

Thank you so much Deborah,
Lori & Mike